We are eco-conscious London based brand dedicated to sustainable and ethical fashion for a lower impact on the environment. Through the use of innovative materials, our luxury fashion label strives to tackle the issue of waste in the fashion industry and lower the post-consumption impact of our products.

Committed to avoid synthetics, plastic-based and non-biodegradable fabrics, we source recycled and biodegradable materials, ensuring control and transparency over the life-cycle of our accessories. This is why we use 85% recycled leather and 100% genuine leather waste to create our bags. By using leather waste, we indirectly help other industries and companies to repurpose and revalue their own manufacturing waste.

Through artisanal and couture production methods, we also want to celebrate the value of skilled craftsmanship, to repair the relationship between the maker, the product and the customer. Each piece is locally hand-made in London, without the use of any machinery.

Our luxury label offers uniquely crafted products reflecting a desire for fresh and contemporary design pieces, embedded in a more sustainable consumption system that benefits all of us and the planet.

As part of our partnership with the Women’s Trust, we have pledged to give a percentage of our sales to help fund support programmes for female victims of domestic abuse and harrassment.